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  • What is the standard franchise fee?

    • The initial US single unit franchise fee is $19,750 for a single Brewster's Chicken unit.

    • Area Developer Fees are:

      • $150,000 for a small area developer territory that includes up to Three (3) counties within a given State.

      • $250,000 for a large area developer territory that includes up to Six (6) counties within a given State

    Please refer to our current incentive program as the fee can be eliminated.

  • What is the standard royalty fee?

    Our royalty fees are different than the competition. We actually have a maximum amount that you can pay us. What this means for you is, the more money that you make at your location the more money you put in your pockets, not ours. 

    Pay the LESSER of 5% of Gross Sales or:

    • 1st Year = $4,000

    • 2nd Year = $4,500

    • 3rd Year = $5,250

    • 4th Year = $5,750

    • 5th Year = $6,250

    Please refer to our current incentive program for an opportunity to lower the royalty fee as you start your operation.

  • What are the marketing and advertising fees?

    Brewster's Chicken Building Brand Fund. This funds goes directly to our national advertising. 

    Pay the LESSER of 2.75% of Gross Sales or:

    • 1st Year = $750

    • 2nd Year = $1,000

    • 3rd Year = $1,500

    • 4th Year = $2,000

    • 5th Year = $2,500

    Brewster's Chicken Monthly Promotional Advertising Fund. This fund goes towards the monthly promotional marketing material development.

    Pay the LESSER of 0.5% of Gross Sales or:

    • 1st Year = $200

    • 2nd Year = $300

    • 3rd Year = $400

    • 4th Year = $500

    • 5th Year = $650

    Franchisee is responsible for spending a minimum of 1.25% of Gross Sales on Local Advertising, each month.

    *Brewster's Chicken Franchise Disclosure Document includes more detailed information regarding marketing and advertising fees.

  • What are the minimum financial requirements?

    Depending upon the number of units you wish to open, you must have a minimum net worth of $300,000.

    •Minimum of $75,000 in cash or liquid assets

    •Minimum net worth of $300,000

    •Ability to obtain financing up to $375,000

    These are minimum requirements and do not represent the total potential costs to open and operate one or more Brewster’s Chicken units.

    Please refer to the Brewster's Chicken Franchise Disclosure Document.

  • Does Brewster's chicken provide training?

    Yes, we provide initial training for the operator of 6-8 weeks. In addition, we continue to provide ongoing training for your operator and team.



Brewster's Chicken is "America's Chicken Sandwich".

Discover why our royalties fees are based on your sales and then capped on how much you will every pay us. 


Relatively low initial investment - You may be able to open a Brewster's Chicken for less than $150,000*.

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